Monday, December 01, 2003

I have a producer session for "Reba". It's 2 lines. I have to stop going in on some of these roles. I would have passed if I had known more about the role. I didn't even go all that great. I am glad that they think of me, but I want them to think of me in a different light. After that I had a really good audition for "Progressive Auto Insurance" at Craig Colvin Casting. One of these days I am going to book at his office, I usually get close. I'll book in due time. I did a drop-off today @ April Webster Casting and ran into associate Mandy Sherman. She knew who I was right away and asked if I was still working on "Good Morning, Miami". She gets all of the postcards I send out. Maybe one day I'll get to audition for "Alias" too.

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