Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Yes!! My first pilot audition of the season. Hopefully this is a sign of what is to come for me. It is at Landsburg/Fiddleman Casting. Terri Fiddleman brought me in for the first TV gig that I ever booked. It was for "Friends". The pilot presentation is for ABC Family called "This Time Around" which is based on a movie-of-the-week. They went over my resume and saw that I have been working quite a bit and asked about the Spielberg/Hanks experience. I felt the read went well; I did everything that I wanted to do in the room. It would be nice to get a callback.

I thought this was kinda funny. I looking at this "Good Morning, Miami" fansite and the topic of the day was why was the show having a bad season. Someone inquired about the character that I used to play "Robby" they said "Whatever happen to Robbie? He was so cool". I gotta tell you I got a kick out of that!!

Screening: "Bad Santa". The star of the film, Billy Bob Thornton, did a Q&A session for SAG members in attendance. He is a really cool dude. I was even able to get a photo with him.

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