Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Another really busy day, I have 4 auditions all over town!! Studio Film "Ocean's Twelve" @ Debra Zane Casting. YES, this is what I'm talking about!!! Getting on the radar of the top film casting directors in the business. My strategy of concentrating on the roles that aren't released to the services is paying off. Debra Zane is casting "Ocean's Twelve" the sequel to "Ocean's Eleven". I was aware of this, but had heard that most of the film would be shot abroad. I still didn't want to take any chances with missing out on anything I might be right for with my new short hair. So, about a month ago I dropped a photo to their office with a snap-shot of how I look with short hair until I get my new photos. I didn't want to miss 3-4 weeks while I get my new headshots in order. This role that I am reading for wasn't released to Breakdown Services. Also, they didn't post sides on Showfax.....at all....none for the entire project. What this means to me is that they are probably sending a tape with maybe 5 actors on it for this role to director Steven Soderbergh and he will make his choices. This is how I am trying to position myself in the right offices.....at this stage of the game.

The audition: Debra and her associate, Tannis Vallely are just wonderful. They are really on the actors team. I walk in and they greet me with such warmth that I feel like family. I ask them about their holidays and get to work. Debra acts out the scene with me while Tannis runs the camera. we do two takes and we're finished. This is such a victory for me regardless what happens, if anything. Oh yeah, I can even walk to their office and avoid LA traffic for another moment.

The commercial audition for "Circuit City" @ Deborah Kurtz Casting goes well. I hear that they are doing 4 different spots, hopefully I'll get a callback for one of them.

Next up, an audition for indie film "Naked Bongos" @ Henderson/Zuckerman Casting. This one was a little frustrating for me because I tried unsuccessfully to get more information about the character. The description was for a 40's, Caucasian, Bob Villa type. Obviously if they were seeing me they decided to "go another way". Well, the information is was getting was "just make it your own". Okay I can do that, but when I got in the room the first thing the director said was "think geek"....... like "really geeky". I fully admit that I locked up. I didn't totally blow it, but I could have done a lot better. I cheated myself. The bad part is that I know Dori & Cathy I could have totally asked for a moment to prepare it in that way. Then, after reading the role the director asked my age and, of course, I lied. Then I admitted that I lied!!! WHAT!!! LOL!! Anyway, I think the truth would have served me much better. I was upset at myself for a little while, but by time I got back to my car I had put it behind me. NEXT!!!
My fourth and last audition today was for "Dannon" @ Jeff Rosenman Casting. It went really well, a callback would be nice.

How this for redemption? The same office that I bombed at this afternoon called to say I have been booked for that film I auditioned for about 3 weeks ago. Cool. It's a couple of lines and it works next month. What a day, give me more like this.

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