Saturday, February 21, 2004

I have an assache. Yup, not a headache, an assache. I have been trying to get this new website up and running and it is killing me. My friend Henry Canizares and his website development company is doing it for me. I met Henry when I waited tables in New York at the Harley Davidson Café back in '95. We became friends, but lost touch when we both moved from New York, me to Los Angeles and him to Oregon. Even back then he was always interested in the technology field. I always thought about him and wondered where he was and what he was doing. One day last Fall I thought about using Google to find him. I typed in his name and found his e-mail address on a forum where he had inquired about something. I sent and e-mail not knowing if it was the right Henry or not. A couple of days later he responded. Anyway, he saw my website in the e-mail message and said that he could liven it up. So we are working on it now through Yahoo! Messenger and over the phone (remember he's in Portland) and I am trying to understand it all and THAT is why I have anassache!!!

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