Monday, February 23, 2004

Audition: "Toyota" @ ASG Casting. I don't audition here that often. It goes well. Finally, I take my 8x10 originals in for my commercial agents to approve. They loved them!! I mean they were really, really happy with what I had. So I rushed down to LA Casting Network and got them in the system. It took a whole 4 minutes for my transaction. The young lady scanned my 2 photos and ran my credit card all in 4 minutes for $60 bucks. THAT is the business to be in, huh? Anyway, on the flip side my agents only need 10-15 photos, so I guess it comes out in the wash. Not long ago they would have been asking for 75-100 photos. The internet is changing the way business is done. I've had a lot of commercial auditions this year so hopefully they will increase even more. Now I just need to book. Ha!!

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