Sunday, February 08, 2004

Periodically I am asked to speak about the business of acting at various places in town. I enjoy the sharing part, but I get unbelievably nervous about it. I think it is truly in my own mind, but nevertheless it seems real. Since it's not something I set out to do I don't really have a set way of doing it. It's not like I put out flyers saying "HEY!! I'll teach you all about the business of acting!!!" I try to look at it as a bunch of actors sitting around a fire sharing experiences. I'm uncomfortable with some of the titles I'm given. I'm just another actor in the trenches doing my best to make something happen, but at the same time I do enjoy sharing with others.

I've slowed down my internet participation because there are some specific things I want to get done in the near future. I am trying to get my headshots situation back on track and a couple of other things so I am tightening up my game a bit in '04.

At any rate, the event @ Actorsite went over pretty well. I learned some things myself. How can you not learn something in a room of 25-30 actors? I received several really nice e-mails of thanks. One actress ordered pizza for everyone and another gave me a really nice card of thanks.

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