Monday, September 12, 2005

Audition: "Sons and Daughters" @ ASG Casting. Oh, no! The traffic lights are broken! What the heck is going on in Los Angeles. Wow, it really makes you appreciate when things work like they are designed to. I didn't know if the audition was going to be rescheduled or what was happening. When I finally arrived at the casting office the halls were dark, only lit by candles. Fortunately, the camera was battery operated and the room had lots of natural light.

This audition was all improvisation. They wanted three different ways and I gave it to them. All in all, a good time.

Finally, the "IBM" call comes in and.........I've been released…..again. Ugh! I was hoping to get to work with Kevin Christy again. Oh well, I get 'em next time.

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