Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Audition: “Criminal Minds” @ April Webster Casting for Scott David. Scott called me directly for this on my cell phone. Funny because I was at the dentist and I thought I’d put my phone on silent, but actually it was vibrate – thankfully. He tried my agent, but it was lunch time. So if I hadn’t answered he probably wouldn’t have left a message and moved on to the next person the he could actually talk to. I wouldn’t have been able to return the call because it came up as “UNKNOWN ID”. I guess the lesson in that for me is to realize that if my phone is on silent I may miss an opportunity because I definitely think I would have missed this one.

Anyway, it was a last minute reporter role added to the script. This is what I’ve been trying to accomplish – getting what I call “in casting directors’ mouth” meaning that if they are putting together a session to go straight to producers I want to be one of the first 5-7 actors that they think about. That way I am not depending on my agent, breakdowns or anything like that, but I’m doing my part to help the whole effort.

Now here’s the not so great part. The audition just went “so so”. I was rushing to get there and I didn’t stop to “FOCUS”. I had another commitment on the other side of town that I was driving there from and I was the last actor to read. No excuses, my fault, I had the time, even just 2 minutes to collect myself, but I rushed myself. There were no other actors there so I went right in the room.

I wasn’t horrible, I had some nice moment, I think. It just wasn’t together like I would have liked. Yes, I’m guilty; I yelled “F&%K!!!” a couple of times when I got back in the car.

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