Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Today marks 3 years since losing my mother to cancer. I did pretty well in moving forward with it, better than last year and MUCH better than the year before. The only trouble spot was someone who I know meant well, but sorta forced me to think of it in a bad way. THAT was troubling for me to say the least. I’m not out of the woods yet, her birthday is next week so I’ll probably shed a tear or two at some point. I miss her dearly.

Audition/Tape: “The Office” @ Allison Jones Casting. This goes well. Allison even commented that she thinks she got my photo from my own drop-off. I like hearing that. Of course I would like to book it, I felt great in the room and feel that Allison and her associate Dorian Frankel will bring me back in for other stuff.

A last minute call comes in from Janine Sugawara @ Nancy Nayor Casting asking if I can be a reader this afternoon. Of course I said yes. I’d met Janine and Joanne Bloom from that office at Actorsite and volunteered to be a reader. Actually, it’s for Natasha Cuba and Kelly Wagner working in conjunction with Nancy Nayor Casting – I think. Anyway, the film is called “Shroom”. Yeah, like psychedelic mushrooms. It’s a horror film directed by Irishman Paddy Breathnach. It was a lot of fun, Natasha and Paddy seem to be really happy to have me there and surprised I was so prepared. She introduced me to Kelly Wagner and they requested photos from me for their files.

I always say that being a reader is unbelievably educational and I’ll say it again. This was a great thing for me. If you get a chance to do it – do it.


Bonnie said...


Next month marks five years for the end of my mother's battle with cancer.

It never gets easier... only less brutal.

{{{more hugs}}}

I'll be thinking of you next week too.

Stephon Fuller said...

Thanks Bonnie, I'll be thinking of you as well. Happy Thanksgiving!


JC said...

Every year I read the email Todd sent me when your mother passed. She was a beautiful and caring person. A mother to all of us kids in the hood. I miss the smile she always had for me when I came to visit. She will always be in my heart and memories.