Thursday, November 10, 2005

Callback/Avail: “KFC” @ Ross Lacy Casting. YES!! This is for the spot I went in for on Tuesday. The audition was really funny. It was a take off of “The Jerry Springer Show”. I had a great time during the original audition. I told them “I just came to get my ‘Jerry Beads’”. “JERRY!, JERRY! JERRY!”

Well, the callback went great….I think. The director said it was funny and allof the rest of ther crestice team laughed. When I signed in I saw that they are having another round of callbacks tomorrow/Friday for the food. I guess they want to see how the actors interact with the chicken. I can tell you that I interact with chicken really good. So I guess they will see who they like from the callbacks and then bring them back for another look. I hope I get another callback.

I ran into my friend Margaret Easley at the callback. Actually we auditioned together at the first audition. I met Margaret while doing a "US Postal Service" commercial several years ago. Although I see her on TV more than I do in person I think she is just a great person. I am always more inspired after talking to her. This time the topic of discussion was buying a condo or house. This is something I am a little bit obsessed about these days. I think buying property will make my relationship with Los Angeles a much better one. So I am trying to get things together (credit, savings, etc.) to make that a reality. Plus, I think the housing market is going to burst in the near future. At least I hope.

Audition: "Eve" @ Powell/Melcher Casting. Ewww…this one goes ok. I think I made the character a little too charactery. Maybe I was more sketch-like and less mutli-camera comedic. Gotta work on that.

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