Friday, November 11, 2005

Well, I have to assume they moved on without me for the “KFC” spot. Dag! BUT I also didn’t get a release from my avail, which I usually get. So maybe I’m still in the running…..I won’t hold my breath though. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got some great news from a friend, she booked her first national commercial for “Comcast”. I am particularly tickled because a year or so ago she wanted to take a commercial course with a teacher around town. I had no problem with that particular teacher, but I thought Craig Colvin would be a better choice because he is a working casting director who is on the pulse of what is happening in the industry. I actually went to his office, spoke to him directly and passed on the brochure to her……..and to her credit she acted on the information. She learned alot from the course and gained much more confidence. Through mailings she had some meetings with commercial agents but they passed on her. Around this time Craig started calling her directly for auditions. I think she got callbacks on 2 of the first 4 and booked the 4th one. It was a non-union spot so she didn’t have to join SAG just yet(she’s SAG-Eligible). She approached one of the reputable agencies that previously passed on her and they were eager to sign her since she had just booked.

Well months passed and that reputable agency did very, very, very, very little to help her in ANY way, BUT Craig Colvin kept calling her whenever he could for both union and non-union commercials. This is the first SAG commercial she has booked. It just shows the many ways to move forward in this career. Have a great shoot and I hope you make a ton of money on it!

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