Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Last week I called Ogilvy & Mather, the advertising agency in New York, to see if my “IBM” commercial had been renewed for another cycle. During the last cycle they bought foreign use, which was a very nice surprise. I’ve only actually seen the spot once before, but I did see it the other night on ABC/Monday Night Football while working out at the gym with my friend and two people called me to say they saw it at other times. Several months ago they told me it probably would not run Class A, but it did a few times during the last cycle.

Anyway, when I talked to them last week I requested a copy and the gentleman said he would "pass the word" to the accounting department. To be honest, it didn’t sound like I would really get a copy that easy. Sure enough, FedEx delivers the tape today. Enclosed was a very nice note from the Assistant Account Executive who said that due to the delay of the next “IBM” campaign launch I would start seeing my spot airing on Network TV. THAT is great news, really great news. I just need to move pass the “on avail” step more often. I think a commercial class is in my future for early ’06.


Anonymous said...

Saw it during football this Christmas Eve. You look great!

Anonymous said...


Xxaatm said...

Happy New Year!
Here's to the very best bestest in 2006!
Your Canadian chum

Bruno Amato said...

Stephon, saw the IBM spot on New Years Day on FOX...Great job!...Here's to lots more in 2006!!!...Bruno

Larry Lynn said...

I saw it on Christmas day during the football games.

Stephon Fuller said...

Thanks you all. Let's have a great '06 and beyond!

Hal said...

Two things:

1. Cool blog! It's nice to see what the "Long Ass Bio" has morphed into.

2. Your IBM spot just ran a couple of minutes ago on ESPN during NFL Live.

Don't spend all that money in one place! ;)

- Hal