Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Audition: "Spiderman 3" @ Francine Maisler Casting. This role is one scene as a bar manager. I think I'm right for the part; maybe a little young. I felt the audition went really well. I had a couple of questions about the scene and we put it on tape two different ways. I did what I wanted and felt really great about the outcome.

I thanked them and told them how glad I was to get into a casting office of that stature. They said it was great to meet me and now they can get me in for more things in the future.

Ironically, when I went to pick up the material for the audition my agent, Erin, asked if I even wanted to go in on it. Yeah, I love that, she doesn't just assume that I would read for just one scene in a film.......even "Spiderman 3". Of course "I" never considered "not" going in, BUT that reminds me that she reps actors who wouldn't even consider reading for such a role......even in a film such as "Spiderman 3". I can't wait to make some real money for them.

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