Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Audition: "Visa" @ Deborah Kurtz Casting. This goes well and I think I fit the profile........but what do I know? Not much.

I stopped by to see all of my agents today - commerial and theatrical. I also re-signed with KSA for another 3 years. Jenny the head of the print department suggested I get a zed card made up. I don’t go out for print very often, but I also have never given them the proper tools to submit me. So I don’t complain, but funny enough I have been placed on avail a few times in the last year. She suggested I come in for a meeting to look over all of my photos and get suggestions of who I should shoot with. Okay, cool. I guess she thinks I can actually book work in the print world, I’ll take her word for it. Thanks Jenny and Rose for even trying to get me out with the wack-ass tools I’ve given you over the years. Sorry.

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