Sunday, February 26, 2006

RACE DAY:It was beautiful yesterday, but today it is freezing. It was about 30 degrees for the morning practice. We had to wear latex gloves under our riding gloves to keep our hands from getting too cold to hold on. I felt pretty good in practice and ready to have a great race.

In the first moto I got an okay start. The fact that I hadn't fallen was a great way to start things off! I was picking off riders at a pretty good rate because a lot of guys wouldn't do the double jumps and I could. So here I am in traffic going through the rhythm section, which was 3 sets of doubles in a row. I see trouble ahead, a rider landed crooked and ran into another rider and I ran into that rider. It was all happening in slow motions. I hit his bike pretty good, actually I kinda landed on it. Of course I go down too. I was trying to get up, but the bike is kinda on the face of a jump AND it weighs more than I do. I keep the bike running and roll it off the side of the jump and then fall off the other side of the bike. Finally with bike still running I get back on and take off. Thankfully I wasn't hurt, but I was pissed!!!! I was able to work my way back passed some of the riders, but before I knew it the race was over. I finished the moto 12th out of 22. I know I could have run in the top 8, which I would have been happy with considering I don't ride often.

I was livid when I got back to the truck. Both of my brothers had beat me; Todd finished 8th and Jeff finished 9th. I was so upset with my performance and then Todd noticed that my front tire had a slice in it. I don't angry too often, but I was really angry. I was SO angry, but after a while I realized that I should have been thankful that I didn't get hurt. I ended up having to pay to get the tire replaced. The rider I ran into didn't even finish the race. I hope he's okay.

It's hard trying to ride with my brothers when they get so much more time on the bikes than I do, but I do the best I can. So for the second moto I was just gonna go for it and see what happened. I got an ok start, but I had Jeff in sight. Over the first set of doubles I saw that he went down and his bike was kinda tangled with other riders. I was trying to just move forward at my own pace and, at all cost, stay on two wheels. It worked, for a while until some "fast guy" came in behind me in took us both out in a turn. It took him a while to get his bike started and it took me even longer to get mine going again...............even Jeff passed me. I just shook my head. Jeff has NEVER been faster than me, but he finishes ahead of me by playing it safe....really safe. Todd on the other hand; we are really close in skills and if I lived there and rode on the regular it would be a whole different story. So there you have it Todd wins again with a 6th place overall out of 22. Jeff finished 10th and I came in 13th. It's just frustrating because I know I can be up there much closer to the front.

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