Friday, March 31, 2006

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Print go-see: “Sonance” @ Jim Purdum Photography. This went really, really well. I’m digging this print stuff.

FINALLY, I got my zed card today. I and my agents are really happy with the outcome. As soon as I left my agents office I went straight to LA Casting to get it scanned in the system. I'm not wasting any time. I'll hit Breakdown Services on Monday.

Something I was wondering was this: Why was I getting so many print appointments all of the sudden? I had 4 last year and 7 this month alone. I'm new in the print game so I'm not really sure how it works. I mean my zed card wasn't complete until today. Was Jenny submitting the new photos separately before the actual card was done? Well I got to ask her today and the answer was "no". She was only submitting my headshots like she's done for years. I was surprised when she told me that. I'll chalk it up to "it must be in the air" I guess things happen when they are supposed to. Well, I don't wanna just get appointments; I wanna book!

Also, the SAG rep called me bright and early this morning letting me know he straighten out my dental claim and it will be reprocessed. Cool, another great day. I'm getting things done.


Bruno Amato said...

Print work too!...Stephon, you do it all :)...Bruno

Stephon Fuller said...

I'm just following your lead! I wanna house!


Anonymous said...

Congrads on the ZED (we always called it a COMP Card back east)! You can always upload the zed yourself to actorsaccess breakdown services...

did aaron take all of the pics?


Stephon Fuller said...

Thanks j!

I totally forgot about that, thanks. I was just blindly following my agent telling me to take to Breakdown. I'm such a newbie in the print world, but I guess "loading a photo is loading a photo". lol.

These blogs are so helpful to me, I really appreciate the reminder!

Aaron shot 5 of the 7 photos. He has a very creative eye, was a pleasure to work with and is a great guy.


Lydia Blanco said...

I love love love your new color shot! You look great! And your zed card is awesome!!!! Congrats!

Stephon Fuller said...

Thanks Lydia!


GermanChocolateGirl said...

These shots are a great representation of your extreme sport athleticsm,young,hip,and business looks. I feel your charisma!

Keith Gregory said...


That card Rocks!! I love how you have the jump on there!!!!

I think the cards shows your diversity...

Keith Gregory

bye the way...
I wanted to tell you that I have followed your lead with the long Ass bio... I do a very similar thing on my website and it is such a help to me... I'm riding your coat tales... (good news - were not the same type)
Thanks for posting!!!!

Stephon Fuller said...

Thanks germanchocolategirl & Keith!

Keith, being from VA, it's cool to read about what you're doing there. Keep it up!


Bonnie said...

Great looking new card! Excellent!

Stephon Fuller said...

Thanks! Hopefully, it will help me in this new market that I know very little about. I guess time will tell.