Thursday, March 30, 2006

This morning I helped Casting Director Debra Zane and her associate Tannis Vallely move out of their offices on Wilshire. They just wanted me to watch the truck while the movers brought loads down. Okay cool, so I grab my new skateboard and I'm on my way.

When I arrive, to my surprise, the elevator is not working. Oh no! They are on the 6th floor of the building! So, of course, I dove right in to help. OMG!!! I must’ve made 10-12 trips up and down those stairs to the basement. For me it was the work out of all work outs. I didn’t eat anything before I left the house, which is normal because I’m a FREAKIN’ WAIF! After about the 3rd trip my legs were quivering for real. I kept it moving, slow and steady, and never stopped till we were done.

I gotta tell ya, being in an office of that magnitude is crazy because you hear and see how it all goes down at the very top level of the game – to me it’s fascinating. On top of that Deb and Tannis are so cool. Out of respect I won’t mention anything or any names I heard, but being a businessman by nature that kind of talk excites me to the max. I just love deal making.

Another thing that was really cool was taking the movie poster one sheets down to be loaded up. They were all films that Debra cast – “Men in Black”, “Seabiscuit”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “Road To Perdition”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Traffic”, “American Beauty”, “Pleasantville”, etc. and they we all autographed by the cast and/or director, producer or writer. Wow, what a body of work go Deb! .....hmmm I wonder if she's casting "Ocean's Thirteen". Hopefully, I'll know first hand in a couple of months.

Print go-see: "Wells Fargo" @ Connie Conway Casting. This one went great!

It actually felt like an on-camera commercial audition. Normally, when people ask "how it's going?" I can give them a true, resounding "GREAT! or "FANTASTIC!" and mean it from the bottom of my heart. It was funny because I could not really say that over the last several months. It would be "I'm aiight" or "Just tryin' to keep it together" or "I'm still here". Well, today when the casting director ask me how I was I said, without having to think about it, "FANTASTIC! and I meant it. It felt so good.

That doesn't mean I don't have any issues; for instance my zed card still isn't finished and I'm having a little situation with my dental insurance coverage. The great thing is that I went to the printer to find out what is going on and then made an extra phone call to see if I could make something happen sooner. With my dentist, I showed up at the office to get to bottom of situation with Delta Dental. THAT is how I would normally handle it; not making a phone call, leaving a message for someone that may or may not call me back. Now that I think about it the guy from SAG Pension and Health didn't call me back. Looks like I'm marching to the office in Burbank tomorrow to get to the bottom of it. Yeah, "don't wait for it to happen, make it happen!!" Print go-see: "IBM" @ All Print Media. I've done a couple of TV spots for "IBM" maybe that will give me an edge. Probably not, but wishful thinking. This one goes really well too. I guess.

Hey!! Remember me saying that my “IBM” spot was dead? I got a residual check today. That was a nice surprise on a already great day. I don’t expect to see anymore though.


Lydia Blanco said...

so don't hold back stephon! Where is Deb's new office? :-)

Stephon Fuller said...

Hey Lydia,

It's 9696 Culver Blvd #110
Culver City, CA 90232

Lydia Blanco said...

Thanks! You're awesome!!! :D