Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Callback/Avail “Sprint” @ Francene Selkirk Associates. Cool, I’m back in a shorter line than before. Getting closer and closer to sealing the deal – but still so far. Avails are good; even if it just means sending a notice to my other agents letting them know that I’m close to booking something else. Yesterday when I saw my theatrical agents they asked if I booked the “Sprint” spot from last week. So it all helps, they want to know that you are in the game at whatever level – I think. At least they make me feel that they do.

This callback went great! Actually, I worked on the material in my commercial class last night; that definitely helped. I did it the first time and the director wanted me to tone down the "sell factor", I did it again and then he asked me to do it again without my glasses. I left feeling really good. I didn't get a parking ticket this time like I did at the first audition, I had some not so nice words for that meter maid. I mean, he saw me across the street heading to my car "before" he started writing the ticket. I got his attention and he wrote it anyway, so I gave him $35 worth of what was on my mind. In the end, it wasn't worth $35, but I felt a little better. I try to keep those ticket to a minimum; I ain't tryin' to get the orange boot on my car. No!


Don Foley said...

Best of luck getting that gig! I love your blog. I am thinking of coming to Hollywood some day, so I will try and learn from your experience. Keep Writing!


Keith Gregory said...

should have given the meter made 70 dollars worth... If you were right there he shouldn't have given you the ticket...