Friday, April 14, 2006

I was released from the "Sprint" commercial yesterday; there was a mix-up at my agency and I didn't get the message. Close AGAIN, but close doesn't pay the bills. I'll try and try again.
This is what I was afraid of……sorta. The background agency I worked with last month called today to clear me for several days of background on a commercial. I guess they have to submit my photo to the director and see if I’m chosen first before they can book me. I said yes, but I cannot help to wonder what I might be getting myself into. Well, for one thing, I know it would be a very nice payday; and it of course would be SAG earnings. I qualified for SAG Health insurance for the first time back in '99 and have yet to lose it. So I have to keep that in my mind - gotta get those numbers.

I told them I was clear for the days in question, but in reality I have some dental surgery scheduled. That can wait another week, but to tell you the truth I am really looking forward to seeing what the Vicodin craze is all about. NO, I'm not a dealer!! It's for the surgery. "Vicodin", it sounds so harsh and yet some people really like it. Well I'm going to find out - but it might have to wait another week. Who knows what else will be going on then. I’m not gonna worry about it; I am blessed and things usually work themselves out.


Lydia Blanco said...

are you getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Stephon Fuller said...

Nah, been there done that. I'm getting some periodontal corrective surgery; hence the vicodin. It's got a brother a 'lil nervous.