Sunday, April 30, 2006

WHAT!!!! I’m up again at 6am for my Vicodin fix or is Motrin? Yeah, it’s Motrin. Thankfully, the bleeding has slowed down a lot, but the swelling is out of control. I look like an adult blowfish and get this; it’s spreading to my left eye! Yup, I’m developing a black-eye. Maybe I’ll put some steak on it like they do in the cartoons. I gotta tell ya, I’m loving it! I don’t know; it’s just interesting.
This is my med schedule:

12 midnight: Motrin
1am: Amoxicillin
3am: Vicodin
6am: Motrin
9am: Vicodin and Amoxicillin
12 noon: Motrin
3pm: Vicodin
5pm: Amoxicillin
6pm: Motrin
9pm: Vicodin

Plus some crazy mouth rinse, twice a day, which taste like $3 a gallon unleaded fuel. I should put that in my fuel tank and call it a day. I set alarms for all of these and have yet to miss one. I don’t want any trouble with the healing process. The stitches don’t come out for another 10 days.

I think I figured out what I look like. It’s not a blowfish; it’s a car. I look like a freakin’ car! What kind of car? A Chrysler 300. Ya know, one them sh*ts with the big ass grill in the front. Yeah, I got a big ass grill right now! To the casual observer I may not look like a car, but I “feel” like I look like a car.
I gotta really think about this. As it stands now, I don’t have any appointments tomorrow Monday. Who knows, that could change, my agent could get a call for an African-American male, late 20’s early 30’s, that resembles an American-made car with a big ass grill. Don’t laugh, it could happen. Would I cancel another audition tomorrow if I had one? I totally didn’t think about swelling up like this. It’s been 48 hours it should start getting back to normal soon.


Melissa D. Madison said...

DAY-UM!..with all those drugs, how do I even know "Stephon" is writing this?! Steph, I am soooo sorry you have to endure this mess, man! You poor thing.... OMG! You will never be like, "put a steak on your eye like in the cartoons!" LOL (will you still be my friend if I tell I was ROLLIN' when I read that!?) LOL! LMAO!

(*clearing my throat*) Umm...yeah. You get better over there, k? :(

Stephon Fuller said...

Just say YES!! Nah, it's not too bad. The hard thing is trying to type with a raw quarter pounder on my left eye. It's dripping blood all over the keyboard!


Jonathan said...

Here's to a healthy and quick recovery!

Stephon Fuller said...

Thanks Jonathan!!

TanikaBrown said...

Awww. I hope you feel better.

Can you post a pic of you and the meat on your face? THAT would make me feel better.

Laughing WITH you...of course.


Stephon Fuller said...

Ha! I'm good, it's just fun to experience it. i don't think I'll be posting pics, but who knows close ups are brutal!