Friday, November 18, 2011

Shooting: CDW Downtown Los Angeles - Day Two.  I worked from 9pm, got home around 5:15am and left my apartment for the set at 6:20...on no sleep.  Yeah, I was a little tired, but ready to work.  Sometimes others tell me that I should call off of work from the restaurant when I book acting job, but I never have except for the time I flew to New York for a commercial shoot.  Maybe they are right, but I feel like calling off has its own drawbacks.  
Most of the time I don’t know the call time until the last minute and sometimes I don’t know the day until late in the process which would probably make trying to get someone to cover a shift at the last minute an even more anxiety-ridden thing.  The last thing I want to do is to leave my career in the hands of someone who has no stake in my future...I have a huge stake in my future.  So, at this point, I’ll suck it up, work the long hours and do what many others aren’t willing to do.  But I do have to find a better balance in my life to generate more social activity and fun stuff.  The problem is that I like working and keeping a tight, busy schedule. 
Back to Day Two:
Glad to be back!  Not glad to be possibly missing a commercial audition for “Charter Cable”, but there isn’t much I can do to prevent it.  
First up was getting my elf ears back in place and into wardrobe.  Then into another wardrobe.  Then back into the first wardrobe.  Then back into the second set of clothing.  At this point changing clothes became...not funny.  
Great.  I just got a call from my theatrical agent for a same-day appointment this afternoon for “GLEE”.  Unfortunately, it’s not looking like I’ll be able to make it.  That makes two appointments I’m missing today, but shooting is one of the better reasons to miss them. 
Finally, a few hours later I was shooting.  Fortunately, Mr. Pytka, was in a good, sharp humor-laden mood.  Our scene was up, we laughed, did our dialogue and we were finished, but not before I had some good-natured back and forth smack talking with the chief in charged.  I’ve never had a problem handling myself in the humor department.  Hey, maybe Mr. Pytka can make me a starrah!
We shot the scripted stuff plus some new stuff that had been written for us.  I have a good feeling about this whole situation.  Not that I think this spot, in particular, is going to do big things.  I think my commercial career into 2012 and beyond is going to kick into a higher gear and I cannot wait.  I’m excited and I’m ready!
After I was wrapped for the day I was thrilled to get the news that I was able to keep my elf ears.  Ha!  Yeah, I planned to wear them to work at the restaurant tonight.  I don’t know why; I figured it would be fun.  Anything to make the time go by.

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