Thursday, May 10, 2012

Audition: “Alltell” @ Joe Blake Casting.  After I signed in an actor approached me and said, “You stole my commercial”.  I laughed and was like “nah, couldn’t have been me I haven’t booked anything of note recently.  We talked a bit more and, in fact, it was me he was talking about.  It was the WaMu commercial from 4-5 years ago.  That was the one where he was “the choice” and the client changed their mind and “went another way” at the last minute.  That, “another way” was “my way!”  The casting office, I later learned, knew they chose me before we auditioned at the 3rd audition.  I didn’t tell him that though…too much information.  We had a good talk, turns out he went in for the Degree spot I booked as well.  I’m sure he’s booked a bunch of stuff I’ve gone in for too.

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