Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guess who has an audition?  Me!  It feels it’s been forever.

Audition: “UPS” @ TLC/Loree Booth Casting.  It’s funny; every time I audition at that office the conversation, before and after the audition, takes longer than the actual audition.  It’s always good, interesting conversation about politics, music, the economy, etc…and I’ve booked in the office several times in the past; including my last commercial booking.  The audition went well and was a nice welcome back to work that I moved her to do!

Uh oh…my credit for TOTAL RECALL on IMDB has been changed to “uncredited”.  That isn’t good news for my possible appearance in the film…or any future residuals.  Well that’s the way it goes sometimes. I mean I can't be upset, after all, they did pay me for my 2 days of work and the really great thing is that the Casting Director, Debra Zane and her associate Tannis, has me on her mind.  I really appreciate that.

Debra has cast me in 4 studio films, although I’ve only gotten to actually shoot 2 of them and looks like I'll only be appearing in one of them.  That one is THE TERMINAL.  She cast me in OCEANS 12, but they were over budget and behind schedule some my scene was cut.  She cast me in OCEANS 13, but they were ahead of schedule and the dates I had been given changed after I had also booked a commercial for MICHELIN.  After a lot of trying to make the dates worked I finally had to pull out of the movie. That was a really hard thing to do because not only, obviously, I wanted to work on the movie but I also had a scene with Al Pacino.

I later found out that I had been cut out of the MICHELIN commercial.  OUCH!  Yeah, tough stuff. I’ve been hired twice by Steven Soderbergh but I’ve never gotten to shoot anything for him or even meet him.  It’ll happen one day in the future.

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