Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Well, it’s over; my vacation that is.  I really wish I had another week away from the hustle & bustle of Hollywood, but time is short and I have a plane ticket back home.  Is LA home for me?  I’m still in denial after 14 years of being here.  Geez. 

Overall, the trip was bitter/sweet and it seems to get more bitter and more sweet every time.  As many of us know, family can be trying and beautiful at the same time.  I got most everything done that I had planned and new horizons concerning the future of the family business are exciting.  Nothing concrete or officially involving me, but I’m an optimist of what the future might hold.

It’s amazing, I left Virginia Beach 17 years ago and I still dream of somehow, figuring out how to be in two places at once.  I have such strong feelings that our family business, Philadelphia Cold Cuts, has the potential of being wildly successful…and I want to be a part of it.  I talk about it ALL the time.  I’d love to work with my brothers again, but it’d never happen with my father in the mix.  At least I can’t see how it could.  The kicker is that I still, very much, want to perform professionally.  I don’t know…

One thing I do know for sure is that I can do FAR more than I am doing in this life and I need to find a way of getting closer to realizing my full potential…in Hollywood and out of Hollywood.    I didn’t move to Hollywood to serve burgers and fries and I while I greatly, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate the employment; I should be doing so, SO much more.

Speaking of Hollywood; I missed an audition today for a web series because I was travelling.  Oh well, not much I can do about it except for attempt to get rescheduled.

Without question, the coolest thing about coming back to LA was flying first class.  It makes SUCH a HUGE difference.  I could definitely get used to traveling first-class.

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Natasha D said...

I feel the same way about my home and Los Angeles, they are both appealing to me in different ways.. if only there were a way we could transport back and forth instantly! Follow your heart and your goals and don't let anyone or anything stop you! Best wishes