Monday, December 31, 2012

Okay, here we are at the end of 2012 and it’s officially my worst financial year as an actor.  Yup, the absolutely worst.  Wow.  Ironically it’s also the year that I invested more money than I have in a long time in my career.  Funny how that works.

It would be easy for me to be down, out and depressed about it, but for some reason I’m not.  At all.  I’m not sure why. I think it might be because I honestly think that I’m doing a lot to make things happen. That is something I’m really happy about.  I also think it might have to do with the fact that, since I’ve learned to “pay myself first” I pretty much reached all my savings goals for the year.  That wasn’t easy.  I had to do some cutting back and tightening up to achieve it, but I did it.  So here’s to hoping that 2013 is a much more successful year.

Oh yeah, I’m also starting this 52-week savings plan as well.

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