Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last week my 9 year-old goddaughter, Hazel, asked that I attend and present to her class (and other classes) for CAREER DAY.  She suggested that I talk about being a photographer…interesting I thought.

So I drove over to her house for a meeting to discuss the details. 

STEPHON: Photographer?

HAZEL: Yeah.

STEPHON: Well, what do you think about me being an actor?

HAZEL: Okay.

I don’t know if she was, in her own way, suggesting I’m a wannabe actor or what, but I was a little offended by the 9 year-olds’ suggestion…OR maybe she thinks I’m a pretty good amateur photographer.  I won’t ask and risk getting my feelings hurt.

What to do, what to do…

I got it!  I’ll start out with asking the students if there are any actors in the room, ya know, get them involved.  I’ll bring some old headshots, new headshots, put some commercials on a reel and show them some of the work I’ve done over the years.  And I’ll wrap it up with writing a scene for them to perform.  Now I’m excited!  I’ll get as many up on their feet as possible.

Hours later…


I was literally up all night writing a 4-page, 6-person scene for them to perform.  It was a great time; I had at least as much fun as they did. 

I think I better start preparing for next year’s Career Day.

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