Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Audition "Wanted", TV pilot for Heidi Levitt Casting. Again, another drug dealer that I don't think I am all that right for. That's okay, because I just went in had fun with it. I was really happy with how it went. Heidi called me in from a old headshot in her files. I gave her my new photo and she asked me about my "Ocean's Twelve" & "The Terminal" credits. Pretty cool script from CBS and WBTV.

Finally!! The marriage is over and I'm so relieved. It was great while it lasted, but she doesn't do the things she used to do the way she used to do them. Sometimes you just gotta move onto bigger and better things. We spent some of the best times of our lives together. I remember driving across the country with her in the Summer of '99. That was after spending 4 years apart while I lived in New York and she in Virginia Beach, VA. It was wonderful being together again. I think I was in love. Yeah, I was in love.

We met in March of '89 and here we are 15 years later saying goodbye. The talk of separation had gone on for a good while. We tried counseling/repairs in an attempt to work things out, but it just got to the point where I didn't think it was worth the money.

She was beginning to bring me down and actually get in the way of my progress. After spending the day with her I would be exhausted. I looked forward to replacing her with a younger, prettier, sexier model. These feelings could not continue.

I feel that in most situations "what happened" is of very little importance. What is of the utmost importance is this: "What are you going to do about it?" So I had to ask myself that question. "Stephon? What are you going to do about it?!?! Are you going to sit and complain or are you going to take action?................"

I'm going to take action, I took action..........I bought a new car! Well, not brand new, but new to me. I love it! It is the exact car I wanted. I found it on http://www.autotrader.com/ (Thanks "mominbiz"! it's an inside thing between her and I).

The buying process was an absolute dream. The seller, Sean, is a business major from Taiwan. He is here in California studying for his business MBA. Thankfully, he was straight forward and honest. I think we are both stand up guys and we responded to that in each other. We were at the AFTRA-SAG Credit Union like it was a celebration, and it was. He was getting rid of his car to prepare for his return to Taiwan and I was gaining a vital tool that I needed to move forward in my career. Before we left the credit union Sean asked the loan officer to take a photo of us together. Ha!!I drove him back to Pasadena in MY new car and we talked liked we were old friends. I asked him non-stop questions about his country and his life in general. He had questions for me too. The heaviest one was "do you like to be called African-American or Black?" He was really concerned about offending others. I told him it didn't matter too much to me. "African-American" was preferable and probably more politically correct and yes, "Black" would probably offend some. I said most importantly it depends on what is in your heart, most people can tell what your intentions are even if it doesn't come out right. Ooooops! I haven't done a single single drop-off in two days!! WHAT!!!

See Ya, Nice to know ya!

'89 White Honda Accord Coupe LX-i

Code name: "Ivory"

Married: March 24th, 1989 20 miles

Separated: March 16th, 2004 231,223 miles

A new day has been born!!!

'98 Forest Green Honda Accord Coupe EX

Code name: "Cash Money" aka "The Green Hornet"

March 16th, 2004

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