Saturday, March 13, 2004

Today I attended a free commercial workshop conducted by John Sudol. I always try to attend any free events I can find. I always pick up something I can use to get ahead. Free help is always a good thing in my book.

Afterwards I went to the memorial service for casting director Cecily Adams. She recently passed away after a bout with lung cancer. It was a beautiful celebration of her life. At the same time it hit me like a ton a bricks. I feel like I know what her husband Jim is going to face. I feel I know what questions her two-year old daughter will ask. It leaves a hole in my heart. I couldn't help from shedding tears as I listened to love ones talk about this wonderful woman. I never had to privilege to meet or audition for Cecily, but I heard a lot of heart-warming stories. It is so, so painful to lose someone. It's hard to believe that it is happening everyday to someone we know. We all go through it. Either we are experiencing it with someone or they are experiencing because of us. Sooner or later it will touch us all. R.I.P. Cecily.

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