Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Audition: "Sprint" @ Francene Selkirk Casting. Cool, another "Sprint" audition. Heck another audition period. Trust me, I am still thankful for each and every appointment I get. My first audition in LA back in ’98 was @ Francene's office. I've gotten close to booking several times, but haven't closed the deal......yet.
The audition goes well, so hopefully I will get called back to the next round.

Callback: "Comcast" @ Lien/Cowan Casting. YES! Another callback. I was a bit messy in the initial audition, but I remember the notes I got from the session director and I should be able to put it together for the creative team at the callback.

With the season slowing down my hustle has changed a little; I'm not slinging my photos around as much and did my last casting director workshop about 4 months ago. My goal is to make more out of every opportunity. When I moved here 7+ years ago my goal wasn't to get jobs; it was to figure out "how to get the 'opportunity' to get jobs". I've done okay in that area and have built up a pretty good foundation along the way.

It feels great to use my time in a slightly different manner; my acting classes are going really well and I’m excited about attending open houses in preparation for buying a condo. I won’t be buying in the next week/month or anything like that, but I think it will happen in due time. Oh yeah, and I would love to go skiing/snowboarding again before the season is out.

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