Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The saga continues…Yeah, the swelling has gone down, but I still bleed overnight while I sleep. The black-eye is getting cooler everyday, but since I wear glasses you can’t see it too well. Actually, I wish more people could see it so when they saw me in public they would “bac ‘da eff up!” Ya, know, they would think I got drunk the night before and kicked some ass or something. I’m dying to yell “WHAT THE EFF YOU LOOKIN’ AT?” Okay, not really.

Check this out. Through this whole situation I have talked and talked about it, but fortunately I have not been in pain. I haven’t gotten much sleep, but I’ve been largely pain-free. Well, last night I was preparing to take my 9pm dose of Vicodin and noticed that it was the last one. Hmmm, I thought. “Do I really need to take this?” I was like “Nah, I’m going to save it.”

I wanted to know what it would feel like to always have a Vicodin at my disposal, even if it was only one single pill. It would just make me smile to know that I had it. I mean I hear so much about Vicodin in the news. Isn’t that what got Courtney Love, Whitney and now Charlie Sheen in trouble? Does that sound weird? It may, but you have to understand I am a guy that has had a gift certificate for a full session massage from Burke Williams for over almost 5 years – gratuity included. Yup, my girlfriend at the time gave it to me as a birthday gift. I just like to know that I have it “if” I wanna use it. I take it out of the gift box and look at it every now and then. When the time is right I’ll use it. I’m letting it mature like a blue-chip stock.

The real reason is that this same girlfriend bought me another one for a full body message when we lived in New York. That time it was at The Peninsula Hotel on 55th & Fifth Ave. I was very careful to use it when I really felt the time was right. OMG!!! It was out of this world! The very next day I had the audition for the “Pepsi” commercial that I booked and went to Madrid, Spain for a week. WHAT!! Yeah, to this day I still believe that part of the reason I booked that commercial was because of her and that massage. Ironically, exactly nine years ago, right now, as I write this I was flying over the Atlantic on my return trip from Madrid to JFK after shooting the spot. She has great taste. Thank you again!

Anyway, back to the Vicodin. I decided not to take the last one and let me tell you that stuff really works ‘cause pretty soon my whole mouth was throbbing and I had a pretty bad headache. I guess I had stayed ahead of the pain by taking everything on the proper schedule and I screwed it up by trying to be smart. That serves me right for trying to beat the system.

I didn’t want to just catch up on that now late Vicodin because my Motrin dose was coming up so I waited until 3am to pop that last Vicodin. I should have “just said yes” before; but I was curious to see if these drugs really make a difference – they do. Since I was now out of Vicodin and had to see if I was going to be cool without it. Well as the day went on I got my answer. I called the dentist and said “hey Doc, I’m dying over here. You gotta write me another script”. I love the underworld slang; “script”. I feel like I’ve really arrived in Hollywood now. The headline could say: STEPHON FULLER – PRESCRIPTION DRUGS? Looks like me and Vicodin aka “Vicky” are dating again. I pick up the refill tomorrow.

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