Saturday, December 08, 2012

Callback “FedEx” @ Ross Lacy Casting.  Yes!  Wow, this was a blast.  I had a great time.  I’m not always the most social person at auditions because I’m usually reading or somehow self-involved.  It’s something I’m actively trying to change about myself.  I was in rare form today, cracking jokes about anything and everything.  And…oh yeah, the callback.  I went in for the same role as the first audition, but they also had me read for the “boss” character too.  We were in and out in a flash; but wait.  Before I got 15 feet away the production team sent word that they wanted me to stay and come in for a different spot with another group of actor’s.  That commercial spot had a bunch of dialogue that I was trying to become familiar with in a hurry.  Then we got in the room and the dialogue wasn’t on the copy board.


My training kicked in and I didn’t let it throw me.  I knew what I knew, as far as the copy went, and what I couldn’t remember, word for word, I let it go and made it up…but I made sure to get the name of the company correct.  The director; the cool, funny & amazing Tim Godsall, kept throwing different things at us.  I think we handled it well.  It was a great way to start off the weekend!

Afterwards I headed out to the Los Angeles Auto Show to check out my dream car – the 2013 Acura TSX. It’s super nice, but still relatively economical.

I’m not finished yet.  Shortly after I got home the casting office called and informed me that I have another callback Monday morning for the same “FedEx” commercial.  Yes!

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