Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Audition: “Experian” @ Ross Lacy Casting.  Yeah, this was a fun one.  I like the current campaign that Experian is running and would love to be in a future funny one.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles, pursuing my dream of being a professional actor for 6,127 days, almost 17 years. In that time I’ve auditioned for television, film, commercials, print, voiceovers, industrials, theater, etc. Amazingly enough, I’ve never, in all of that time auditioned for an adult video.
Shocking I know…(well, full disclosure, I didn't have to audition...

What’s even more shocking, at least to me, is that I’ve never, not even once, had an audition for a daytime soap opera. Not once.

Now I get it, I’m not a “soap type” per se, whatever that really is, but they have "normal looking" people on those shows sometimes too. Okay, maybe I'm not "normal" looking in the classic sense, I have an extra chin, 4 eyes and a smile that's just a little too eager, BUT I'm normal enough looking. I can recite the lines, "I had no idea she was married, I couldn't see her wedding ring with the lights off!” as good as any actor in Los Angeles.

Alright, for those of you, which I'm sure are the majority, that are thinking this collection of nonsense I'm writing will end with "I finally got an audition for a daytime soap opera!".

It doesn't.

It doesn’t end that way at all because in 17 years of pursuing my dream as an actor in Los Angeles I’ve STILL never had an audition for a daytime soap opera.
BUT, finally, I can say that I’ve booked a job on a daytime soap opera.

I'm SO, incredibly thrilled!

And one day, in the future, near or far, I will land an audition for a daytime soap opera.


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