Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Bright and early I received the news that I’ve been placed on avail for the “Xerox” spot.  Yay!

Audition: “Dunkin’ Donuts” @ Good People Casting.  I was as good as I could possibly be in this audition while “fake drinking” and thoroughly enjoying a hot cup of coffee…I’ve never had a hot cup of coffee in my life.  Or any type of coffee.  But I faked it like a champ!

Callback: “IBM” @ Dan Bell Casting.  This callback wasn’t anything but “butta”!  Me and my partner got it done!  Actually, my partner was someone I worked with previously at The Standard, Johnny Hawkes.  We totally connected in the room.  Man, I HAVE to be placed on avail or book this one…right?!?!?!

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